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Fonde Interiors is an award winning multi-disciplinary design firm based in Dallas, Texas, founded by Jen Stevens. We serve clients nationally and internationally with services ranging from interior design, architecture, project management, furnishings and styling. Jen's career has included projects in the luxury hotels and restaurant space to high end residential, with a particular love for historic preservation and restoration.


Fonde Interiors offers full service interior design in both residential and commercial settings and engages in both new construction and renovation - but old buildings are a particular passion. 

Fonde Interiors' unique mix of materials, textures and color, combined with a sound knowledge of the building process and expert application of interior detailing, allows us to curate beautiful, functional spaces and concepts with impeccable execution. Jen has built her design firm by focusing on each project with careful attention to detail, respect for classic architecture and genuine interest in her clients, their lives and how they hope to use their space. Our goal is to create a space that feels like home, whether or not it is.

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